Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton & Judy Brownlee – 3rd Comprehensive Report & Summary of the Ethics Complaint

barnes sutton head shot

3rd Comprehensive Report & Summary of the Ethics Complaint for Barnes Sutton and Brownlee
Presented By Viola Davis and Joel Edwards

As requested by the DeKalb County Board of Ethics on 3/3/2015, I, Viola Davis, with Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter and Restore DeKalb, submitted a comprehensive report on 3/27/2015 detailing and summarizing the ethics complaint (alleged criminal activity, wrongdoing and malfeasance), against Sharon Barnes Sutton and Judy Brownlee within DeKalb County government. I had and continue to have the support of Restore DeKalb with Joel Edwards and a group of citizens striving to “restore” transparency, ethics and accountability in our local and state government.

We summarized our Code of Ethics Complaint against Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton and Judy Brownlee to 1)answer the reply submitted by Barnes Sutton’s attorney at that time, Quinton Washington; 2)We clarified questions submitted by the Board of Ethics and their investigator; 3)We also submitted new documentation to justify additional charges of wrongdoing.

Again, we issue this third summary of our ethics complaint to ensure there is transparency, ethics, and accountability in DeKalb County government. We continue to strive to clarify our charges and are joined as a coalition to hold elected officials and their staff person accountable for violating the public’s trust.

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