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Message of Empowerment

Taxpayers & Voters- What Do You Want?              
  • Practical Solutions or Political Compromise
  • Increase Taxes or Limited Government

The time has come for Taxpayers and Voters to stop fearing:  

  • Tax Audits
  • Elected Officials
  • Government Agencies
  • IRS
Define Constituent:  
  • One who authorizes another to act for him
  • One of a group who elects another to represent him in a public office Since a large number of our elected officials neglect to represent the interest of the public above their own individual interest, we demand elected officials call us “Employers”. If you do not hold your elected officials accountable, you are a tax slave. Taxpayers & Voters must remember:
  • Our vote – Hire and Fire Elected Officials *Our Tax money – Pay Elected Officials salaries and provide money for budgets These two facts define us as “Employers”!
Don’t call us “Constituents”  
  • Call us  “EMPLOYERS”
  • Elected Officials are the “employees” of the Taxpayers & Voters.  As “Employers”, Taxpayers & Voters must hold elected officials accountable!

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