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Town Hall Meeting Call for Lee May to Resign

DECATUR, Ga — A fiery meeting in DeKalb County included calls for the Interim CEO to resign.

It was a meeting originally scheduled by Interim CEO Lee May, but he wasn’t there.

Commissioner Nancy Jester stepped in and said she would hold the meeting without the Interim CEO. She said cancelling it would be disrespectful to tax payers.

“People were planning to come here, people made child care arrangements, people changed their schedules to be here, so again I want to be respectful of their time,” Jester said.

About 70 people showed up, some of them holding signs that read “Lee May Resign.”

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Ten Reasons DeKalb Vendors Demand Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall Be Fired

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Ten Reasons DeKalb Vendors Demand Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall Be Fired
By Viola Davis RN BSN
October 1, 2014

The ten reasons DeKalb County vendors demand Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall be fired

It’s time for us to come to the reality that our local government has been in a crisis for far too long. As a watchdog group, we have complained for years about a “cloud of corruption” that gives DeKalb County a bad reputation as well as a black eye hindering economic development and decreasing public trust.

Now we are faced with the serious issue of having local politicians indicted for illegal activity and violation of their oaths of office. Yet, a few politicians continue with the same excuses that interfere with the quality of life our community deserves. Our county employees, police and firemen have gone over five years without raises or even a cost of living increase until this last budget year. When will the crisis end? When will a high quality of life and increased public trust begin?

The title of this article, “Ten Reasons DeKalb Vendors Demand Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall Be Fired”, strives to educate the public on facts they may not be aware of, and apply “heat” to Interim Chief Executive Officer Lee May to take action and fire two employees who have clearly engaged in alleged criminal activity. The reasons to fire Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall include:

1. Kelvin Walton funneled cash from vendors to a county employee who served on approximately fifteen selection committees for DeKalb County projects. The employee’s name is Nina Hall, formerly the executive assistant/secretary to CEO Burrell Ellis.

2. Kelvin Walton headed a department that practiced out-of-control nepotism and cronyism that fueled alleged criminal activity. Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall violated their job descriptions. Yet, Interim CEO Lee May suspended Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall with pay at a combined taxpayers’ payroll cost of approximately $228,800.

3. Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall engaged in acts of alleged criminal activity that produced conflicts of interest.

4. Kelvin Walton, under oath, willfully lied multiple times during his May Special Purpose Grand Jury Testimony and Walton admitted under oath that he lied to the Grand Jury.

5. Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall both refused to answer questions and pleaded the fifth, citing the self-incrimination rule. Kelvin Walton refused to answer 343 questions for fear of self-incrimination. Nina Hall refused to answer 30 questions for fear of self-incrimination.

6. Kelvin Walton assisted elected officials and high staff officials in engaging in alleged criminal activity causing an investigation which involves the FBI, US Attorney General, Department of Revenue and the Inspector General.

7. Nina Hall first denied ever receiving gifts or cash from vendors under oath. However, she eventually confessed to receiving cash from Kelvin Walton and allegedly Michael Hightower.

8. Kelvin Walton accepted a gift/service from a vendor of cash value without paying for the service.

9. Vendors and employees’ complaints that identified waste, mismanagement, alleged illegal activity by contractors and Kelvin Walton were ignored.

10. Board of Commissioners and DeKalb County staff members’ conflicts of interest that were a cause of action for major media investigations were incorrectly based on advice given by Kelvin Walton.

It’s time for DeKalb County taxpayers, homeowners and business owners to send a message that we want the madness to end. The local government should focus on the needs of the public, provide a high quality of life, and restore public trust.

We need a full forensic audit to expose the “true” financial picture and shortfalls of Watershed and Public Works. We need a full forensic audit of the Purchasing and Contracting Department. We need an answer to the question, “Is there any criminal activity that should be prosecuted”? Vendors and Contractors have requested a full criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation into alleged criminal activity to include:

• Bid-rigging
• False Documentation (evidenced by fraudulent checks)
• Violation of the False Claims Act
• Fraud
• Kickbacks, Up-Charging and over-billing
• Tax Fraud

Until we place restoring public trust as a top priority, taxpayers, property owners, homeowners, and business owners will have increased lack of trust in our local government. We ask our Board of Commissioners, those that remain, to demonstrate the value they place in restoring public trust in our local government by enacting the following changes:

• Establish and fund an Internal Auditor.
• Creation of a new anti-corruption unit within the DeKalb Police Department, in concert with the FBI and GBI.
• Support the Board of Ethics and maintain its independence.

If there are people that value restoring public trust and removing this “Cloud of Corruption”, we need your help in convincing Interim CEO Lee May to immediately fire and remove Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall from the DeKalb County taxpayers’ payroll. If the CEO continues to refuse to fire Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall, we need Interim CEO Lee May to explain to the rest of us the reason, “Why”?

DeKalb Board of Ethics: Is There Outside Manipulation and a Sabotage Action Plan?

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Interim CEO Lee May

Comments: DeKalb Board of Ethics: Is There Outside Manipulation and a Sabotage Action Plan?

We received a letter from the Board of Ethics lawyer suggesting I, Viola Davis, not attend the May 8, 2014 meeting. When we asked other complainants if they received the letter, we found that we were the only one to receive a letter to not attend.

We have no choice but to ask if there is an action plan to manipulate and sabotage the Board of Ethics to prevent the general public from holding elected officials and employees of government agencies accountable.

John Ernst, Acting Chairman, asked that we forward the letter to the board because he was not familiar with the letter suggesting I not attend the board meeting.

To ensure transparency, ethics, and accountability, we have decided to place a majority of our documents online for the general public to review. We strive to make this process fair and balanced for the general public by removing the political manipulation and sabotage to include:

1. CEO Lee May replacement of Chairman Isaac Blythers when he needed to be reappointed to ensure stability and continuity of the Board of Ethics.

2. CEO Lee May replaced Blythers with Terrance Thornton without first vetting the replacement for such a critical position. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that Thornton’s financial history includes a foreclosure and not paying his taxes on time.

3. Viola Davis was sent a letter suggesting she not attend the meeting on May 8, 2014.

We request the process be more transparent, fair and balanced. We demand the political manipulation cease immediately. We need an Ethics Board that reassures the public it will lay a foundation of integrity, fairness, and overall respect for the process. We must restore public trust at all cost.


Viola Davis



Governor Deal Signed SB367 – Time To Pick District 5 Commissioner

governor deal signed doc

Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter recently learned that Governor Nathan Deal signed the bill that would allow the replacement of District 5 Commissioner on April 10, 2014.

We are presently trying to verify the next step in picking the 5th District Commissioner. What is the process and when will the process begin.

DeKalb 5th Commission District has been without full representation since July 16, 2013, when Commissioner Lee May was appointed interim CEO by Govern Deal due to CEO Burrell Ellis indictment on corruption and racketeering charges.
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As stated in Crossroads Newspaper, Senator Fran Millar said the nomination process would be advertised for two weeks in the county’s legal organ before the BOC could vote.

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Representative Mike Jacobs’ website state:
SB 367 contains a provision that was added as a House floor amendment to permit the remaining six members of the DeKalb County Commission to appoint a temporary commissioner to replace Lee May until he is no longer the Interim CEO or his current term on the county commission concludes, whichever is sooner.

We must remember that the replacement of the 5th District Commissioner came with a heavy cost that once again neutered voting power and local control in DeKalb County.

This was a local bill that was made a general bill during the General Assembly, which gave elected officials from North Georgia and South Georgia the power to pick the 5th District Commissioner of DeKalb County. The elected officials in North Georgia and South Georgia were given the privilege of choosing the 5th District Commissioner by making SB367 a general bill; yet, the voters in the 5th Commission District were not allowed to vote. Where’s the local control?

The general public of DeKalb County is being kept in the dark on this issue. Why?

If Governor Deal signed the bill on April 10th, why the secrecy and lack of information?

dekalb board of commissioners sitting on stage

What should you do? Every voter needs to contact the Board of Commissioners (BOC) and demand more information before the appointment of the 5th District Commissioner. Every voter should demand the BOC make every effort to pick a person the voters in the 5th Commission District wants as a representative. Back door politics must be avoided.

View SB367:


Walton And Hall Suspended


DeKalb’s Interim CEO, Lee May, placed the county’s purchasing director and CEO Burrell Ellis’ former secretary on paid leave Monday, April 21, 2014.

Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall were involved in alleged corruption in county government procurement processes. May said that he decided to suspend Walton and Hall to rebuild public trust.

Read the rest of the story at this link:

Two Tied To Corruption In DeKalb Suspended

or view the video at:
2 DeKalb Officials Accused Of Accepting Bribes Placed On Administrative Leave (4/21/14)

Restore DeKalb Public Corruption Unit

Restore DeKalb Public Corruption Unit
Time for Transparency, Ethics, and Accountability

Time to contact Interim CEO Lee May and the Public Safety Director, Dr. Cedric L. Alexander, to demand DeKalb County restore the public corruption unit. We must restore public trust.

Contact Interim CEO Lee May: 1300 Commerce Drive, 6th Floor, Decatur, Georgia 30030.
Phone: 404-371-2881
Fax: 404-687-3585

Why? View this video for one of many examples of public corruption cases that place a cloud over DeKalb County.

Time for Transparency, Ethics, and Accountability!

Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint – DeKalb County Board of Ethics

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Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint

Viola Davis
909 Rays Road
Stone Mountain, Ga. 30083

March 17, 2014

DeKalb County Board of Ethics
Clark Harrison Building
330 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue
Decatur, Georgia 30030

Dear DeKalb County Board of Ethics:

I, Viola Davis with Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter, submit this ethics complaint to restore public trust against Kelvin Walton, Director and Chief Procurement Officer of the Department of Purchasing and Contracting and Nina Hall, Former Assistant to CEO Burrell Ellis, and currently Project Manager with Watershed Department. I presented evidence during an executive meeting of Restore DeKalb on Friday, March 14, 2014 which included the complaints of two vendors, one complaint by a disabled veteran, and a federal complaint filed September of 2013 to the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.

I have received the full support of Restore DeKalb to submit a Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint against Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall concerning the public corruption case related to purchasing and contracts within the Watershed Department. We agreed that the following actions need to be address to restore public trust in DeKalb County to include:

A. Demand Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall be reassigned to other departments until a full criminal investigation and forensic audit of the Watershed Department is completed.

B. Demand a forensic audit of the Watershed Department due to a long history of complaints of criminal activity and systematic charges of thievery.

C. Demand the GBI lead the investigation as an external neutral third party due to the fact that two-three independent Constitutional officers have made serious accusations against one another to include:
a. CEO Burrell Ellis charges against DA Robert James and Interim CEO Lee May
b. District Attorney Robert James charges under the RICO statue.
c. Interim CEO Lee May’s statement of a need for additional evidence before removing Kelvin Walton from the Purchasing and Contract Compliance Department.

D. Demand a federal investigation into DeKalb County’s Purchasing and Contracting and Contract Compliance departments and prosecution of people who are found to violate the local, state, and federal laws.

If we are to restore public trust, we request that the DeKalb County Ethics Board examine the following evidence submitted and submit an opinion and/or board action to the necessary elected officials and department heads (local and state level) to complete this Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint:

1. Vendor 1 – Hopie Strickland with Strickland and Sons Construction
a. Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter filed a federal complaint with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, September 2013 concerning a complaint by Hopie Strickland of bid rigging, kickbacks, and false documentation, etc. (See Documentation below)
b. Video titled, “DeKalb Corruption against LSBE Vendors” featuring Hopie Strickland.

2. Vendor 2 – Alessandro Salvo with GS Construction
a. Link to WSBTV story on Alessandro Salvo complaint
b. Link to Video of FBI investigation of Watershed Extortion case (Documentation provided on request of Ethics Board)

3. Private Citizen – Disabled Veteran complaint concerning tree removal demonstrates systematic problems and/or corruption that unfairly targets private citizens and lack of executive oversight.

4. DeKalb County Special Purpose Grand Jury Report 2012-2013 … Civil Case #12CV1000.

In the name of transparency, ethics, and accountability, we submit this ethics complaint to restore public trust.


Viola Davis
Community Missionary