Ten Step Plan

   Put God First!

  • Register to Vote!  Educate yourself on the use of the voting equipment.
    “Then Vote” – Without a vote, you have no voice.
  • Learn who your elected officials are and hold your elected officials accountable ie send letters/email.
  • Learn who is on your county school board and track how they spend your tax money.
  • Join and participate in at least one community group. (joining doesn’t mean squat!)
  • Regularly talk to your children, children’s friends, teachers, and principals.
  • Attend at least one school board meeting per year and be vocal.
  • Visit your neighborhood school and then the area jail.  Which  buildings are in the best condition?
  • Actively champion issues that demand the “best” for our children – i.e. teachers, buildings, books, computers, equipment, etc. – Let elected officials and school officials know what you expect.

Remind all public officials that YOU are the Employer and that they are the employee and ask them to REMEMBER that!

Fire the Incumbent if he/she has the following qualities and/or characteristics:

I Inefficient and incompetent; the politician who is unable to produce a desired effect.
N Neglect; the politician who ignores or disregards the needs of the taxpayers and voters.
C Costly; the politician who makes decisions that cost the taxpayers and voters too much money.
U Unconcerned; the politician whose actions demonstrates he/she are not concerned or interested; indifferent.
M Misuse; the politician who abuse his/her power, improperly use taxpayer and voter dollars, and treat taxpayers and voters badly and harshly.
B Broken Promises; the politician who make promises while campaigning and break the same promises once elected to office.
E Excuses; the politicians who spends more time trying to free himself/herself of blame.
N Narrow-minded; the politician who is limited in his/her outlook and unable to think outside of the box.
T Taxation; the politician who focus on increasing taxes to the point of taxing the taxpayers and voters out of their homes.

Hire the Incumbent if he/she has the following qualities and/or characteristics:

I Integrity and Innovation; public servants who are upright, honest, and sincere with new ideas, methods, practices, etc.
N Notify; public servants who give notice or inform the taxpayers and voters what is going on in government.
C Competent and Credible; public servants who are qualified, capable, and believable.
U Unify; public servants who strive to unite the taxpayers and voters behind issues to produce positive change.
M Morals; public servants who have principals and able to distinguish between right and wrong.
B Backbone; public servants with will power and courage to do what is right and tell the truth.
E Ethical; public servants with moral and professional standards of conduct.
N New blood; public servants with fresh ideas, concepts, methods, etc.
T Truth; out of all the above, truth is the most important. Public Servants must tell the taxpayers and voters the truth. Public servants have a fiduciary responsibility to tell the taxpayers and voters the truth.