Ethics Complaint Filed Against CEO Burrell Ellis

ceo burrell ellis

Rhea Johnson, a DeKalb County resident, filed an ethics complaint against CEO Burrell Ellis late on Tuesday.

As the Complainant, Johnson filed the ethics complaint to have CEO Burrell Ellis removed from office because the indictment and grand jury report documentation justify Ellis permanent removal from office. Johnson said, “He violated the Code of Ethics”.

While the criminal indictment set a standard for conviction of a crime at “beyond a reasonable doubt”, the Code of Ethics conviction requires the standard of proof governed by the “preponderance of the evidence”.

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Question: Should DeKalb County taxpayers and voters continue to finance the salary and full benefits of the following:
a. Two CEOs to include CEO Lee May and CEO Burrell Ellis ($153,000)?
b. Two Purchasing and Contracting Directors to include Kelvin Walton and Scott Callan ($153,000 each)?
c. CEO Burrell Ellis’ secretary, Nina Hall ($75,000)?

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