Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint: Amendment II with Exhibits A, B, C, D, E and F

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Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint: Amendment II with Exhibits A, B, C, D, E and F
By Viola Davis RN BSN

October 13, 2014

The ten reasons DeKalb County vendors/contractors demand Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall be fired

I, Viola Davis, with Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter, submit this 2nd amendment to the ethics complaint to restore public trust against Kelvin Walton, former Director and Chief Procurement Officer of the Department of Purchasing and Contracting and Nina Hall, former Executive Assistant/Secretary to CEO Burrell Ellis, and former Project Manager in the Watershed Department.

With the support of Restore DeKalb, we presented evidenced in a Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint, Amendment I, that provided evidence and testimony of sworn statements by both Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall of lying to a special grand jury, taking money and/or service for personal gain, and engaging in alleged public corruption in purchasing and contracting within a DeKalb County government department. To date, we have submitted over 350 pages of written documentation to justify Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall’s removal from the taxpayers and voters payroll.

DeKalb County has recently reorganized the Purchasing and Contracting Department that has allegedly caused ten people, thus far, to lose their jobs. Yet, the taxpayers and voters continue to finance the salaries of Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall. Why?

It’s time for us to come to the reality that our local government has been in a crisis for far too long. As a watchdog group, we have complained for years about a “cloud of corruption” that gives DeKalb County a bad reputation as well as a black eye hindering economic development and decreasing public trust.

Now we are faced with the serious issue of having local politicians indicted for illegal activity and violation of their oaths of office. Yet, a few politicians continue with the same excuses that interfere with the quality of life our community deserves. Our county employees, police and firemen have gone over five years without raises or even a cost of living increase until this last budget year. When will the crisis end? When will a high quality of life and increased public trust begin?

The title of an article, “Ten Reasons DeKalb Vendors Demand Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall Be Fired”, was written to educate the public on facts they may not be aware of and to apply “heat” to Interim Chief Executive Officer Lee May to take action and fire two employees who have clearly engaged in alleged criminal activity. The reasons stated in the article to fire Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall include:

1. Kelvin Walton funneled cash from vendors to a county employee who served on approximately fifteen selection committees for DeKalb County projects. The employee’s name is Nina Hall, formerly the executive assistant/secretary to CEO Burrell Ellis.

2. Kelvin Walton headed a department that practiced out-of-control nepotism and cronyism that fueled alleged criminal activity. Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall violated their job descriptions. Yet, Interim CEO Lee May suspended Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall with pay at a combined taxpayers’ payroll cost of approximately $228,800.
Kelvin Walton’s job description violations include:

One – Reviews procurement activities/documents for compliance with establishing purchasing procedures, federal, state, and local laws. Kelvin Walton violated the established policy and procedure of Purchasing and Contracting and placed the taxpayers and voters of DeKalb County at risk for litigation.
Two – Develops and maintains good business relationships with vendors’ personnel through professional, impartial, and objective dealings with all suppliers, including problem resolution. Hopie Strickland and Alessandro Salvo were denied a fair hearing to resolve their problems that identified alleged criminal activity.
Three – Directs the Contract Compliance division to ensure efforts are being made to foster economic growth of M/WBE/LSBEs by developing First Tier and Second Tier purchasing opportunities. The alleged criminal activity adversely affected the minority companies and forced many to engage in activity that violated the policy, procedure, and LSBE ordinance.
Four – Manages the Invitation to Bid and Request for Proposal process for the county. Kelvin Walton’s alleged criminal activity made a mockery of the bid process.
Five – Mediates disputes between end users and supplies, when necessary. Hopie Strickland and Alessandro Salvo were refused fair mediation.

Nina Hall’s job description violations include:

One – Plans and organizes special events, public hearings, and meetings. Nina Hall refused to plan a meeting between Hopie Strickland and CEO Burrell Ellis because she allegedly knew that Strickland made claims of bid-rigging, kickbacks, false checks, etc. Hall was not hired to serve on the selection committees which allegedly enabled Hall to carry out the will of Kelvin Walton in return for “kickback” funding.
Two – Responds to request for information from CEO and BOC and prepares reports containing findings and recommendation. Reports on problems within the Purchasing and Contracting Department were withheld from CEO Burrell Ellis.
Three – Drafts correspondence for approval of superiors (CEO, Executive Assistant/COO, BOC, etc.) necessary for responding to citizens inquires. Hopie Strickland, a DeKalb County vendor, went years with his complaints being ignored.
Four – Acts as liaison to citizen groups and special teams created to review special projects. Hopie Strickland was denied a meeting with CEO Burrell Ellis because of the close relationship and alleged criminal activity Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall managed to operate undetected.

3. Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall engaged in acts of alleged criminal activity that produced conflicts of interest.
Please view the following videos:

(1) DeKalb County News Sewer Project Corruption:

(2) Whistleblower against DeKalb employees believes he was targeted:

(3) DeKalb special grand jury recommends 12 for criminal investigation:

(4) DeKalb Corruption witness discusses experience:

(5) DeKalb Corruption against LSBE Vendors:

4. Kelvin Walton, under oath, willfully lied multiple times during his May Special Purpose Grand Jury Testimony and Walton admitted under oath that he lied to the Grand Jury.

5. Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall both refused to answer questions and pleaded the fifth, citing the self-incrimination rule. Kelvin Walton refused to answer 343 questions for fear of self-incrimination. Nina Hall refused to answer 30 questions for fear of self-incrimination.,AAAAFIvhljk~,Nz7UFI321EYoDFWhcIAZKj2ZX6ZuGWU-&bclid=1138058770001&bctid=3799988018001

6. Kelvin Walton assisted elected officials and high staff officials in engaging in alleged criminal activity causing an investigation which involves the FBI, US Attorney General, Department of Revenue and the Inspector General.

7. Nina Hall first denied ever receiving gifts or cash from vendors under oath. However, she eventually confessed to receiving cash from Kelvin Walton that allegedly came from Michael Hightower.

8. Kelvin Walton accepted a gift/service from a vendor of cash value without paying for the service.

9. Vendors and employees’ complaints that identified waste, mismanagement, alleged illegal activity by contractors and Kelvin Walton were ignored.

10. Board of Commissioners and DeKalb County staff members’ conflicts of interest that were a cause of action for major media investigations were incorrectly based on information and advice given by Kelvin Walton.

We are asking the Board of Ethics to send a message that we want the madness to end. The local government should focus on the needs of the public, provide a high quality of life, and restore public trust.

We are depending on the Board of Ethics to act and fire Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall if Interim CEO Lee May refuses to do his job by terminating them immediately from the taxpayers’ payroll.

How can DeKalb County reorganize and cause ten people to lose their job while forcing the taxpayers and voters to continue to pay two employees that have clearly engaged in alleged illegal activity? Why has Interim CEO Lee May continued to keep Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall suspended “with pay” after such conclusive evidence and written documentation exists?

We need a full forensic audit to expose the “true” financial picture and shortfalls of Watershed and Public Works Department. We need a full forensic audit of the Purchasing and Contracting Department. We need an answer to the question, “Is there any criminal activity that should be prosecuted”? Vendors and Contractors have requested a full criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation into alleged criminal activity to include:

Bid-rigging (See Exhibit A)

False Documentation (evidenced of fraudulent checks – See Exhibit B, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

Part 2

Part 3

Violation of the False Claims Act – (See Exhibit C)
Fraud – (See Exhibit D)

Kickback, Up-Charging and over-billing – (See Exhibit E)

Tax Fraud – (See Exhibit F)

Until we place restoring public trust as a top priority, taxpayers, property owners, homeowners and business owners will have increased lack of trust in our local government. We are asking that the Board of Ethics recommend the Board of Commissioners, those that remain, to immediately demonstrate the value they place in restoring public trust in our local government by enacting the following changes:

• Establish and fund an Internal Auditor.
• Creation of a new anti-corruption unit within the DeKalb Police Department, in concert with the FBI and GBI.
• Support the Board of Ethics and maintain its independence.

We are asking our Board of Ethics to demonstrate the value they place in restoring public trust in our local government by firing Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall if Interim CEO Lee May refuses to immediately do so as we have requested.

There are many DeKalb County taxpayers and voters that value restoring public trust and removing this “Cloud of Corruption”. We need the Board of Ethics to take immediate action to restore public thrust by removing this “cloud of corruption”.

Should CEO Lee May continue to employ Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall with pay, we respectfully request that the Board of Ethics exercise its given power to terminate Kelvin Walton and Nina Hall based on our presentments to the Board of Ethics, such as:

Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint – Original

1st amendment – Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint

2nd amendment – Restore Public Trust Ethics Complaint

Respectfully submitted,

Viola Davis
Community Missionary

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