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Increase Property Value and Avoid Overpaying Property Taxes

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September 29, 2014

FROM: Viola Davis, Founder
Restore DeKalb
P.O. Box 831894
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083
Phone: 404-573-2813

People’s Forum II: Increase Property Value and Avoid Overpaying Property Taxes

Suspect you’re overpaying property taxes and/or asking if you should appeal your property tax assessment? Appealed your property taxes and do not understand the process? Have you asked for ways to increase your property value and address violations that decrease your property value?

Homeowners and Property Owners who appealed their 2014 DeKalb County Real and Personal Property Tax Assessment need to attend the forum at Sanford Realty Company Conference Center, 4183 Snapfinger Woods Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30035 on October 11, 2014 at 9:30am.

This forum will help educate and assist homeowners and property owners in understanding the appraisal, appeal, and assessment process. The forum will provide information on how to file a complaint against violations that decrease property value.

The confirmed presenters include:
· Calvin C. Hicks – Chief Appraiser
· Debra DeBerry – Clerk of Superior Court
· Byron Scott – Board of Equalization (BOE) Supervisor

Restore DeKalb strives to educate DeKalb County taxpayers and voters on how to save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a year with almost no drawbacks by appealing the property tax assessment. The process is free (Board of Equalization). If you think your property is being over assessed and need help with the appeal process, Restore DeKalb looks forward to educating homeowners and property owners to increase property value and avoid overpaying their property taxes.

Remember, the first installment of DeKalb’s 2014 real estate and personal property taxes is due on September 30th.


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