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DeKalb Board of Ethics: Is There Outside Manipulation and a Sabotage Action Plan?

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Interim CEO Lee May

Comments: DeKalb Board of Ethics: Is There Outside Manipulation and a Sabotage Action Plan?

We received a letter from the Board of Ethics lawyer suggesting I, Viola Davis, not attend the May 8, 2014 meeting. When we asked other complainants if they received the letter, we found that we were the only one to receive a letter to not attend.

We have no choice but to ask if there is an action plan to manipulate and sabotage the Board of Ethics to prevent the general public from holding elected officials and employees of government agencies accountable.

John Ernst, Acting Chairman, asked that we forward the letter to the board because he was not familiar with the letter suggesting I not attend the board meeting.

To ensure transparency, ethics, and accountability, we have decided to place a majority of our documents online for the general public to review. We strive to make this process fair and balanced for the general public by removing the political manipulation and sabotage to include:

1. CEO Lee May replacement of Chairman Isaac Blythers when he needed to be reappointed to ensure stability and continuity of the Board of Ethics.

2. CEO Lee May replaced Blythers with Terrance Thornton without first vetting the replacement for such a critical position. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that Thornton’s financial history includes a foreclosure and not paying his taxes on time.

3. Viola Davis was sent a letter suggesting she not attend the meeting on May 8, 2014.

We request the process be more transparent, fair and balanced. We demand the political manipulation cease immediately. We need an Ethics Board that reassures the public it will lay a foundation of integrity, fairness, and overall respect for the process. We must restore public trust at all cost.


Viola Davis



Were Commissioners Informed of P-Card Policy? You Be The Judge.

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It is important to increase transparency, ethics, and accountability in DeKalb County Government. Since Commissioner Elaine Boyer has claimed that she was not aware of doing anything wrong, we must search for documentation to verify if her statement is in fact true.

Crosswords Newspaper article: “Boyer Uses County Card For $12,000 In Personal Expenses” by Ken Watts (3/28/2014), reported the following quotes from Commissioner Elaine Boyer:

• “It never dawned on me that what I was doing
was wrong.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article: “DeKalb Official Spent County Funds On Herself” by Johnny Edwards (3/22/2014), reported the following quotes from Commissioner Elaine Boyer:

• “I was never informed that what I was doing was in violation of any county policy.”

It is paramount that we increase “Public Trust” in DeKalb County. We must hold our elected officials accountable if they knowingly lie or misrepresent the truth to the public.

View the answers to Open Records Request on DeKalb County Commissioners Deficiencies below…

You be the judge:

1. Purchase Card (P-Card) Comprehensive Audit Review – BOC/Central Staff/ County Clerk to CEO & BOC (Scan 2):

2. Internal Audit of P-Card transactions for period October 2009 through February 2010 (Scan 6):

3. Internal Audit of P-Card transactions for the period December 1, 2010 through May 31, 2011 (Scan 7):

4. Commissioners Cardholder User’s Agreement and Purchasing Card For Travel Agreement Form (Scan 5):

5. Commissioner Elaine Boyer and Bob Lundsten Ethics Complaint (Scan 4):

6. P-Card Review Lunch and Learn with Commissioners Attendance Record (Scan 3):

7. DeKalb County Commissioners Chief of Staff Morris Williams P-Card Activity (Scan 8):