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What Defines Criminal Activity in DeKalb County?

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What Defines Criminal Activity in DeKalb County?
By Viola Davis, May 9, 2016

A coalition of activist, organizations, business owners, etc. have joined together to demand transparency, ethics and accountability from DeKalb County government. We search for the “truth” that will remove the “cloud of corruption” and restore public trust by demanding the following request:

• A special prosecutor assigned by a federal or state agency
• A forensic audit of the Watershed, Purchasing and Contracting Departments
• Expansion of the Public Integrity Unit beyond the District Attorney’s Office with federal oversight


The coalition is making these requests due to the recent article published in the AJC in the month of April, this year, concerning the grand jury report. This article stated that District Attorney Robert James made the following statements:

• James told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he’s completed a review of the grand jury’s findings, and not enough evidence exists to bring charges against nine people highlighted in the report. He declined to discuss three others named in the report. While the special grand jury uncovered serious concerns about inappropriate behavior, the conduct wasn’t necessarily criminal, the district attorney said.
• “We don’t make decisions based on what things look like,” James said. “We make decisions based on facts and evidence.”

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DeKalb District Attorney Robert James and Senior Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Hill presented the findings of their review of a special…

The DeKalb County LSBE vendors voted to make the information public that we gave to law enforcement. The LSBE vendors were very upset that DA James proclaimed that there was no need to investigate issues/people concerning the grand jury report, particularly in the Watershed Department.

We are forwarding information on one particular contract for $1.4 million dollars. After submitting an Open Records Request and receiving Kelvin Walton’s emails, our researchers went through (and continue to go through) over 20,000 emails and hundreds of attachments. We found an attachment that provided the amount of money paid out on different contracts. The contract for $1.4 million paid out over $72 million dollars. Please note that this is the same contract that the FBI indicted two county employees for extortion and bribery in 2012.

I, Viola Davis, personally spoke to the contractor, and he said he did receive the $1.4 million dollars. However, he did not know anything about the $72 million. Our question is, who received the money?

We ask that you review the documents we delivered to District Attorney Robert James. We did not deliver the attachment of documents that involve the $72 million dollars because of the lack of action on former documents presented to the District Attorney’s Office. We are presenting these documents to the public to review and decide if there is enough information to demand action and another outside third party review for criminal activity.
We have the following questions for District Attorney Robert James to answer to include:

1. Is it criminal and/or illegal for the Board of Commissioners to vote on a local contract for approximately $1.4 million then Purchasing and Contracting Department listing the payout at over $72 million dollars?
• See attachment

2. Is it criminal and/or illegal for banks to issue three “bank checks” with the same number to three different people, on three different dates, and for three different amounts?
• LSBE Vendors Request for RICO Investigation due to Fraudulent Checks and other Information:

Video – DeKalb LSBE Vendors Call for RICO Investigation and Criminal Forensic Audit:


3. Is it criminal and/or illegal for DeKalb County to provide an auditor with copies of fraudulent checks for an audit report that states the numbers on the “bank checks” do not match?
• LSBE Vendors Request for RICO Investigation due to Fraudulent Checks and other Information:

4. Is it criminal and/or illegal to post the same purchase orders for multiple payments to drain money from taxpayers’ coffers and deny a criminal forensic audit to verify if this money was stolen?
• Multiple Payments of the same Purchase Order:

5. Is it criminal and/or illegal to destroy government documents that are needed to expose criminal activity yet, refuse to neither prosecute the individuals identified or stop the practice?
• Destruction of Government Documents:

Review the following documents before you answer:

• Multiple Payments from the same Purchase Order:
• LSBE Vendors Request for RICO Investigation due to Fraudulent Checks and other Information:
• Destruction of Government Documents:
• Debate between DA Robert James and former Solicitor General Sherry Boston on April 12, 2016:
• Attachment of documents on contracts concerning $72 million dollars; Excel spreadsheet will be made available upon request at

If you agree that there is enough evidence in the documentation we are providing to demand a special prosecutor, forensic audit and expansion of the Public Integrity Unit, please send an email to

Example of an email:

Acting Attorney General John Horn and our local law enforcement have investigated crimes in DeKalb County indicting political officials, government employees, business owners, and police officers. We need to restore public trust, remove the “cloud of corruption” and reclaim our local government.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens, activists, organizations, and business owners, etc. who needs our local, state and federal law enforcement to move forward with an action plan that includes the following:

• Special Prosecutor with federal oversight
• Criminal forensic audit of Watershed, Purchasing and Contracting Dept., etc.
• Expansion of the Public Integrity Unit beyond the District Attorney’s office with federal oversight

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