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Governor Deal Signed SB367 – Time To Pick District 5 Commissioner

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Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter recently learned that Governor Nathan Deal signed the bill that would allow the replacement of District 5 Commissioner on April 10, 2014.

We are presently trying to verify the next step in picking the 5th District Commissioner. What is the process and when will the process begin.

DeKalb 5th Commission District has been without full representation since July 16, 2013, when Commissioner Lee May was appointed interim CEO by Govern Deal due to CEO Burrell Ellis indictment on corruption and racketeering charges.
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As stated in Crossroads Newspaper, Senator Fran Millar said the nomination process would be advertised for two weeks in the county’s legal organ before the BOC could vote.


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Representative Mike Jacobs’ website state:
SB 367 contains a provision that was added as a House floor amendment to permit the remaining six members of the DeKalb County Commission to appoint a temporary commissioner to replace Lee May until he is no longer the Interim CEO or his current term on the county commission concludes, whichever is sooner.


We must remember that the replacement of the 5th District Commissioner came with a heavy cost that once again neutered voting power and local control in DeKalb County.

This was a local bill that was made a general bill during the General Assembly, which gave elected officials from North Georgia and South Georgia the power to pick the 5th District Commissioner of DeKalb County. The elected officials in North Georgia and South Georgia were given the privilege of choosing the 5th District Commissioner by making SB367 a general bill; yet, the voters in the 5th Commission District were not allowed to vote. Where’s the local control?

The general public of DeKalb County is being kept in the dark on this issue. Why?

If Governor Deal signed the bill on April 10th, why the secrecy and lack of information?

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What should you do? Every voter needs to contact the Board of Commissioners (BOC) and demand more information before the appointment of the 5th District Commissioner. Every voter should demand the BOC make every effort to pick a person the voters in the 5th Commission District wants as a representative. Back door politics must be avoided.

View SB367: