Superintendent Dr. R. Stephen Green

Commendation for Superintendent Dr. R. Stephen Green and the DeKalb Board of Education

dr. stephen green - superintendent of dekalb county school system


Open Letter to Superintendent Dr. R. Stephen Green and the DeKalb Board of Education

Commendation for Putting Children First


April 4, 2016


Thank you for the political leadership you provide for our children and community concerning the issue of the Tax Allocation District (TAD) in Doraville.  As a citizen who is concerned about maintaining a high quality education in DeKalb County, I value the role you play in shaping the policies that can lead to greater sustainability for our educational system.  With the right decisions and incentives, policies that are good for the education of children can improve the financial stability of our education system, improve our graduation rate, increase our ratings on tests, and improve our economy thus creating good jobs.   Good decisions have already returned our school system to full accreditation.


I want the general public to know of the strong stance Superintendent Green and members of our Board of Education took to protect the interest of our children against a few powerful elected officials in the Georgia General Assembly.  While attending a meeting at the Capitol, our leadership did not hesitate to explain in great detail the reason a majority of the board and our superintendent rejected signing on to the tax allocation district (TAD) in Doraville.


The taxpayers and voters of DeKalb County would have been proud to see such a display of strength and conviction to do “what is in the best interest of our children”.  We could barely contain our screams of joy.  This is the reason for writing this letter of commendation.


We are calling on taxpayers and voters to call Superintendent Green and members of our Board of Education and tell them, “Thank you for putting our children first”.


It is true that we are quick to chastise our elected officials when they do something wrong.  However, we must move equally as fast to give accolades and praise for their positive actions.  Frankly, our Superintendent and Board of Education actions go far above the call of duty.  That’s why we need to support their position concerning the TAD in Doraville.


We encourage our community to respect leaders who step to the front line to protect the best interest of our children and have no fear going against powerful elected officials who attempt to punish the same leadership when they “do not kneel down” to the threats that place economic development over the education of children.  Superintendent Green and our Board of Education’s bold actions deserve our respect and praise.


Again, thank you for putting our children first.





Viola Davis

Co-Founder of Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter